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100KW 6 cylinders natural gas generator

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100KW 6 cylinders natural gas generator  

natural gas generator ,100KW gas generator 


Introduction of 100kw gas generator:
1) Choose POWER Ricardo, Cummins, Deutz series gas engine.
2) Assembled with Stamford, arathon, Leroy Somer or other well-known brands Brushless Alternator.
3) Power range from 8kw-1000kw.
4) Suit for Natural gas, Biogas, LPG, Landfill gas, Biomass(Wood gas).
5) Applies to 24-hours uninterrupted power supply or standby power using.

Advantages of 100kw gas generator:
1) More than 15 years experience of producing and exporting generators.

2) Main parts like ECU, GAS MIXER, PRESSURE regulator,etc are origin made in USA& Italy.

3) Professional 8 Hours test on 0, 25%, 50%,75%, 100%,110% load before delivery.

4) 1800 hours warranty on spare parts free provide and technical support in machine life.

5) Prompt delivery: Within 10 days on popular genset type.
Gas required of 100kw gas generator:

1) Gas Pressure range: 0.8-30Kpa (8kw-200kw), 50-200Kpa (250kw-1000kw).

2) Biogas: Heat Value>5500KCAL, CH4>50%, H2<5%,H2S<100ppm, Impurities<5um, No water.

  Biomass: Heat Value>2000KCAL, Tar<20mg/cbm, H2<5%,H2S<100ppm, Impurities<5um, No water.

    The power output will be reduced if heat value going down.